Language and Interview Training

All payments for language training can be made through Alipay or Paypal. We recommend a minimum of 3 oral language lessons for all students interested in applying to or working in the United States. Packages that provide both editing and one-on-one lessons are available, depending on your specific needs!

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— 高芳霏 (Sophie)
— 孟格 (Amber)

One-on-One Lessons (skype and in-person)

These intensive lessons allow you to work in depth on your personal brand and conversation or presentation skills, geared towards American business and university audiences. They will help you answer questions about yourself and your interests, your goals and skills, and general discussion questions about business, policy, and culture in a way that is concise, interesting, and makes sense to your listener. For students applying to American universities, we will discuss specific questions to prepare you for written, video, and skype interviews.

  • 1 lesson (one hour): 200 RMB
  • Package of 3 lessons (one hour each): 550 RMB
  • Package of 5 lessons (one hour each): 850 RMB

Assistance with Written Documents (including 15 minute skype followup)

These lessons are geared towards helping non-native speakers write for American businesses and universities. Applications, cover letters, and resumes all require a strong knowledge of the language and culture to be successful. Assistance with PowerPoint presentations is also available.

  • Every 240 words (approximately one page): 240 RMB

Editing Academic Research Papers

Academic publications require specialized knowledge of the sciences, as well as fluent use of vocabulary, grammar, and structure. While foreign speakers can often write the papers in English, getting them published in journals requires more in-depth editing work from experts in the field. Our editors are trained in the hard sciences, social sciences, and humanities, with a minimum level of a Master's Degree from an American University. 

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These lessons, if available, provide the basics of interviewing and presenting to American audiences. They cover story structure, branding theory, and common cultural issues that native Chinese speakers have when speaking with native English speakers. 

  • 1 lesson for a group of 3-5 students (one hour): 120 RMB/student