Corporations, universities, and non-profits have a similar problem: they have an identity, but they rarely pay attention to it. Leadership and development should be based in knowledge, and we're here to provide it.

Our Mission

To form, develop, and maintain sustainable identities for our clients, based in market research, brand congruency, and trust. We believe that both leadership and multi-platform media presence relies on communication based in trust and social networks, and that they are built through an understanding of our place in our local and global communities. 

It’s not enough to connect with people; you have to do so in a way that fits your larger strategy, or else you run the risk of missing opportunities, alienating key stakeholders, or in the worst case, finding yourself in crisis.
— Ted Gournelos (PhD, MFA, MBA), Founder and CEO


  • Executive training seminars concentrating on personal and organizational identity.
  • Individual image and messaging consulting.
  • Market research and engagement with the millennial and socially conscious market.
  • Strategy overviews, competitive analysis, and tactical planning for media presence and production, emphasizing brand congruency and consistency.
  • Media consulting and planning for video production, social media strategy, and media appearances.


  • Personal brand design for educators, filmmakers, artists, and executives in for-profit, non-profit, and social enterprise organizations. 
  • Strategic analysis of communications presence for non-profit and for-profit institutions.
  • Comprehensive brand and communications strategy plans with accompanying samples and "best practices" for execution.
  • Executive training in media engagement, public speaking, and networking strategy.

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