Businesses are more than products and services. If you compete on the lowest price or the newest product, you will often lose. Like friends or family, businesses grow from trust. And the best way to create trust is through a good story, that tells who you are and why you are important to us. Any good leader needs to have that story ready, and have it perfect.

Leadership and Storytelling | 领导力开发

Effective leaders build and maintain relationships through trust. Threatening or begging employees, clients, leads, and other stakeholders just isn't sustainable as a business practice, and it certainly doesn't make for a happy or productive life. What's important to remember, however, is that every stakeholder in your life and in your organization needs to understand to some degree where you're coming from, and how you see them as part of that plan.

There are many styles of leadership, of course, and not even the best theories explain them all. Being a leader is a relationship; it's like having a family, dating, and being married all at once. What matters is that everyone is willing to work with you to make success happen, because they've become part of your story, and they want to stay that way. Emphasizing openness, diversity, and experience, as well as constantly engaging with your stakeholders, is key to long term success.

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Business Presentation Training | 商务汇报培训

It isn't enough to just be a good person, to be interesting, and to have a good network that trusts you and is excited to work with you. The work itself, the business you're building or maintaining, has to have its own story. We train you to present story as a set of interactions and goals, in which your personality, your company, and your customer all connect.

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