From leadership and diversity training to competitive analysis to brand and media strategy, we show you how to bring the story of your organization to life. Here are a few of our clients' stories.

Ashoka Foundation, South Florida

An organization devoted to bringing awareness and funding to social enterprises worldwide, the Ashoka Foudation's South Florida branch worked with us to analyze its place in the market, as well as the potential to become a stronger presence in the local and global community. We performed market research and a digital and media strategy analysis in order to demonstrate how the organization could not only stand out, but shine in a highly saturated field. Our leadership training and brand consulting suggested local interaction, a story-focused media presence, and a distinct aesthetic for recognition and identity.

REBUILD Globally

A social enterprise working to change the lives of women and families suffering after the earthquake in Haiti, REBUILD Globally asked us to help them conceptualize, strategize, and then integrate a more holistic approach to the brand. From pop-up stores to the development of an online video series, our recommendations were targeted towards making the company come alive as more than just another sandal maker, but instead an highly personal and profound intervention into the lives of amazing people.

Antenas Por Los NiÑos

Antenas for los Niños, based in Mexico City, provides an innovative approach to therapy and care to children battling trauma in which digital avatars become additional sources of therapy. Not only have they helped children expose abusers, but they also serve as a conduit for communication between the terminally ill, their parents, and doctors, and have transformed the lives of hundreds of children. Our leadership and strategy consulting helped Antenas understand how to better communicate their goals, strategies, and brand for the purposes of fundraising, awareness, and media relations.